One Choice that'll make you Successful or break you

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One Choice that'll make you Successful or break you

Over the Period of last 10 Years, I have met a lot of people from across the globe.

To broadly classify, there are 2 major kinds of people.

  • Go Getters

  • Victims

Go Getters: Go Getters are people who are Solution Oriented. Just like anyone else, they encounter a number of Problems every single day.

But what they choose to do differently is, they acknowledge the problem and look for Solutions instantly. 

They will solve the problem and move on. 

Victims: The Second type are called Victims.

They will also encounter Problems in day to day life. The Difference is, they will find reason to cry about those problems instead of Solving them.

And they will blame the Situation, their Friends, their Family, Government or god for not solving those problems.

They will always try to gather sympathy when others are around by playing a Victim Card (Me Bechara hu).

The Fundamental choice between becoming a Go Getter vs being a Victim is what will make all the difference in your Life.

Now ask yourself these questions:

  • When there is a Problem, do you try and solve it or run away from it?

  • Do you blame someone else for your Current condition or acknowledge that it's all on you?

  • Do you complain? Or are you happy about the current place you are in?

  • Are you friends, family or relatives complacent and do you have a circle that's not healthy?

If you make this choice of being a Go Getter today, then you will win in every scenario of this life.

Fix your Inside, the outside is just a reflection of it.

I wish you success Champ.