How to Protect yourself from Medical Mafia?

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How to Protect yourself from Medical Mafia?

Over the last few years, I have witnessed how doctors and hospitals are no longer primarily interested in patients getting well. Instead, they have started treating those who trust this noble profession as mere money bags.

Let me explain...

Each doctor and hospital wants to make more and more money because of the capitalistic market. Doctors and hospitals can only make money if they ensure the patient does not fully recover. So their funnel looks something like this:

All the bills are cleared by the insurance companies. We have even had the same test done by multiple doctors for the same symptom, and funnily enough, different doctors give you different diagnoses.

From our terrible experiences with doctors and the healthcare system of the country, we have formulated a new standard operating procedure that could benefit many people, so they do not fall victim to such a money-hungry medical syndicate.

Standard Operating Procedure to Counteract Medical Exploitation

  • Step 1 -> Never tell a doctor that you have medical insurance.

  • Step 2 -> Get the same test done and referenced by at least 5 doctors.

  • Step 3 -> Do not trust doctors or hospitals – I repeat, do not trust this syndicate when they instill fear in you. Take your time to analyze and assess the situation.

  • Step 4 -> Check the references for all 5 doctors and see if there is a similarity in statements from at least 3 doctors.

  • Step 5 -> Research thoroughly online, consult Ayurvedic doctors, try naturopathy, Panchakarma, and only use allopathic medicine as a last resort.

This is what we follow with our loved ones, and we wish to share this with you too…

Now let us understand why did I mentioned use Allopathy as the last option.

In Allopathy, the Medicine is Given to Suppress a Disease

Allopathy & Ayurveda are night and day different.

Let us talk about Allopathy with a little anecdote. Let's say that you have certain dust inside your room. You take a broom and you push all the dust particles just below your bed. And you keep doing the same throughout the year. Automatically one day, there will be too much dust below the bed that one would not able to live in that room.

Similarly, If you keep pushing the disease inside the body - one cannot recover.

In Ayurveda, the Medicine is Given to Eliminate a Disease

Whereas in Ayurveda, those dust particles are thrown out of the house. Hence, the first preference should be Ayurveda.

I have tried to formulate a baseline understanding in your mind with regard to how the Medical System works in India. I am no expert by any means, but when the emotional stress of a loved one being admitted to a hospital comes in real time - our brains stop working.

Also not all Doctors are bad actors, but the majority of the Healthcare system is corrupt these days.

This is a basic Standard Operating Procedure, which you can use without having to take decisions. This will help us save the person we love.

In case you have had similar experiences in the past where Doctors or Hospitals have taken undue advantage of you, then do share your experience with the readers in the comment below.

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