15 Things you need to know When you start a Business Online

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15 Things you need to know When you start a Business Online

Here is a stupid simple checklist of 15 things you must know when you start a Business Online.

  1. Book a Domain Name from Godaddy or Namecheap

  2. Buy a Hosting from Hostinger, Hostgator or any other reliable platform

  3. Connect Hosting with Domain and Install Free Wordpress for Creating the Website

  4. Create your Social Media Profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter

  5. Using the Elementor plugin in wordpress, make your First Funnel or Using Woocommerce plugin inside wordpress make your Online Shop

  6. Create a Support Channel using something like Freshdesk and add it to the Menu on the Website

  7. Setup your Email Marketing Channel using something like Moosend (Provides free tier account)

  8. Setup your Blog on Wordpress and Write your First Article

  9. Create your Terms, Privacy pages and add them to your Website Footer

  10. Set up a Lead Magnet on your Blog, connect it with your email marketing software and make people subscribe to your Website

  11. Create a Community/Group on Facebook and add them as your first email autoresponder inviting all subscribers to join the Community

  12. Write an About Us page talking about why you started and what's your Vision and Message

  13. Prepare your One Week Content for your Social Media Accounts 

  14. Prepare your First Facebook and Google Ad

  15. Launch with a Bang informing everyone in your Circle, posting it on Social Media and running ads

That's it, let's get you going.